Sunday, March 4, 2012



When         March 10, Saturday 
Time          1st Session ( 10am-12noon )
                   2nd Session ( 1pm-230 pm )
                   3rd Session ( 3pm-530pm )

Where        VMOBILE IBC Office
                    c/o Club Fitness, 2nd Floor, Eastgate Plaza, A.B.  
                    Fernandez Ave.,
                    Dagupan City, Pangasinan
                    (infront of SSS Building)

Speaker       Mr. Ingo Hansen Vmobile

Don's miss this special event where we will show you all about the new mylx, Loadxtreme and myturf and how it all works together.

The new MPOWER SIM will also be available during the event.  Invite invite invite, the event is open to all and free. Be truly amazed and empowered by the VMobile business.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Check this out!


Vmobile is a business opportunity that offers LIFETIME LOAD DISCOUNT for its members. This is the reason why is considered as one of the best business opportunities that you can get into. With over 95 cellphone users, at least 85% of these are using prepaid load. A great business is something that is necessary for people and is consumable. 5 to 15 years ago, we were told that people only have three basic needs; food, shelter, and clothing. But Vmobilesaw the need for cellphone load, and they built a business opportunity that will give every cellphone user a chance to grab a piece of the income that telecommunication giants are enjoying.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Please be informed that we will be conducting system preventive maintenance on Sunday, February 12, 2012, between 12AM to 12PM. LoadXtreme, myLX Enterprise systems, will be made available after the maintenance activities. Thank you for bearing with us.

The LoadXtreme Menu (beta test version) is now available for download to your VMobile M-Power SIM. To download for free, text LXTM and send to 5986. Please note that P1.00 will be charged to your prepaid load for each menu transaction during the beta test period. This menu feature is available only to VMobile M-Power and selected Buddy SIMs only.

For more information, also visit the FAQ's page of this blogsite

Is it true that the VMobile M-Power SIM Card is already a menu based SIM?

There are many special and unique features of the VMobile M-Power SIM Card and this includes the availability of a special menu that can be used in sending commands to the LoadXtreme system. Other special features will also be made available soon. To download the menu, users must send the command LXTM to 5986.

I received an SMS broadcast that the VMobile M-Power SIM menu is available for download under Public Beta stage, what does this mean?

The availability of the VMobile SIM Menu will initially be made available under Public Beta to familiarize members on its use prior to actual launch.

Will the use of VMobile M-Power SIM Menu be free from SMS charges?

During the Public Beta stage, sending commands to LoadXtreme via the use of menu shall be charged P1.00. This SMS charge will be levied on top of a subscriber's regular load, which means that even if a user is subscribed to UNLI promos, a separate P1.00 charge will be deducted. Further announcements will be made once the special product menu is available.

How do I download the LoadXtreme menu to my VMobile M-Power SIM?
To download the menu, users must send the command LXTM to 5986. Normally, it would only take a few minutes for the download to be successful.

Will the menu be made available to all subscribers regardless of their telco subscription?

No. The VMobile M-Power SIM menu will be made available only to pre-selected Smart Buddy and VMobile M-Power SIM users only. Globe, TM, Sun, Talk N Text, Red Mobile, and postpaid subscribers will not be allowed to download the menu.

I have sent the LXTM command to 5986, but it seems there is no response, what should I do?

Downloading the menu takes quite some time due to the size and demand of the application. Once you have sent the command, do not send another to avoid delays. Please allow 1-2 hours before you decide to download the menu again.

I noticed that the menu does not have product selection features similar to a 'pull-down' menu wherein users can just select the product they want to order, why is this so?

This is because the menu was designed to enable users to freely indicate whichever prepaid products to order. Also, since LoadXtreme's list of products are updated regularly, it would be more difficult to always download the menu for every changes or additions made.

Are all prepaid products available for access in the menu?

Yes, all prepaid products available at LoadXtreme will be made accessible. The menu was designed without a 'pull-down' feature to enable users to freely indicate which products to order regardless of telco affinity.

How do I access the menu?

Under Smart Menu, select 'LoadXtreme' and select appropriate options you want to use.

Reposted from VMobile Technologies Inc (Official)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

VMobile TAP


You may either use any of the cards tagged under your technopreneur account to make the TAP program. 

TAP members will have to pay TechnoUser P300.00 and will be deducted P250.00 from the load wallet. 

Tap members will have instant P50.00 load wallet. The P250.00 is for registration and membership ID#. 

The Tap members can recruit again another set of members (max of 10 people) and so on... As technopreneur, you will earn P40.00 for each TAP member up to the 8th level and P20.00 each for the 9th and so on level. The registration command is: 

LX TAP ID#/PIK/TechnoUser Cellphone/Telco Code/Full name/Birth date/Address then send to your assigned gateway.

Please be reminded that a TechnoUser can invite up to a maximum of 10 TAP members. So as the TAP member, they can also invite a max. of 10 members.

Once the member is registered online, there's no need to do an SMS Command for TAP registration.

***  Refer to BUSINESS OPTIONS page for more details on TAP            

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Technopreneurship Gets a Boost with VMobile-LoadXtreme

If you search the Internet for the exact definition of the word ‘Technopreneurship,’ you would be surprised to find out that there is really no exact definition of it. Its meaning always depends on how one uses it in relation to the subject.
By using Merriam-Webster’s definition of Technopreneur as “an entrepreneur involved with high technology,” we can say that VMobile Technologies’ multitude of members are Technopreneurs themselves who are pioneers of LoadXtreme— a technopreneurship program designed to change people’s lives by empowering them with opportunities anchored on the use of modern technology.
Since 2004, LoadXtreme has made significant changes in how mobile commerce is conducted by transforming the nature of how traditional prepaid business is done. More importantly, it has changed so many lives by opening the highly profitable prepaid loading business to the masses.
Once again, LoadXtreme is on the forefront of change.
VMobile Technologies recently launched its new “service identity” by changing how its members are called. LoadXtreme Technopreneurs and TechnoUsers shall be known as Technopreneurs and TechnoUsers, respectively.
This new direction was inspired by the Company’s vision of strengthening the brand of LoadXtreme in the market. Known for being the pioneer in universal prepaid loading industry, LoadXtreme aims to further build its image by giving attention not just to its entrepreneur members, but to end-users as well. By focusing on these users, VMobile further aims to build numerous programs designed to reward members for their loyalty. Such is the idea behind the use of the coined term, ‘TechnoUsers.’
These changes shall embody VMobile’s unique qualities, as well as echo its advocacy in empowering individuals through proven and reliable technology.
New marketing materials bearing the new brand logos shall be released soon. For more information, please contact Customer Relations at +632 311-3000.

Monday, February 6, 2012

VMobile Loadxtreme vs Traditional Loading.


·         Almost all people nowadays have cell phones and what do they have  in common? 
·         LOADS!!! So it means that they are our target market.
·         Don’t you know that loads are easier to spend on unlike other items?
         No need to sales talk, demo, testimony or explain things. When you    
         say LOAD!!!
·         Everybody knows it.
·         You can bring it anytime, anywhere to any place like office, school, house, store, etc. and for sure you can save more from it.
·         LOADS are people’s NECESSITY.
·         No expiration date, no monthly quotas, no physical inventories, non-territorial.


1.        Because we have almost all kinds of prepaid products that you can think, now you can have discounts and sell it if you like

·         Prepaid cell phone load: Globe and TM, Smart and TNT, Sun, Red Mobile
·         Prepaid internet load: Blast, ISP Bonanza, Aireborne Access, PLDT Vibe, etc.
·         Prepaid landline load: Bayantel, PLDT, Globelines, Dgmax, Digikard, etc.
·         Prepaid internet/broadband: Smart bro, Sun bro, etc.
·         Online games: Amped Games, Egames Online, Gameclub, Mobius Online, Softnyx Online, Garena, Level Up, High Street, Lineage II, Kapamilya Casual Games, etc.
·         Prepaid Satellite/Cable TV: ABS-CBN TFC, Sky Cable, Dream Satellite
·         Prepaid Tutorial/Review Cards: Carl Balita, Englishlink, Prime Logic, etc.
·         MRT Card: AXS MRT Card (reloadable up to 2,000 pesos) no hustle riding MRT

2.            No need for physical inventory because VMobile has a system that helps you do automatic inventory online so this website list all your transactions.

3.         With your existing cell phone and sim card, you can start right away for all your prepaid needs.

4.        VMobile is not cell phone and sim card dependent, it means you can
          use any cell phone and sim card to do this business. And your capital  
          is not in danger of losing it because your capital is not in your sim
          card, it is in your VMobile ID# with your own
          PIK (Personal Identification Key) or password.

5.      Very small capital to start and fast R.O.I (Return On Investment).

6.      Can be a means to have your extra income without sacrificing your
         current job.

7.      We have our own Data Center. This means that we are capable of
         making transactions faster and more efficient.

8.      We are very much willing to assist and help you in doing this business.

Advantages when you join VMOBILE LOADXTREME

1.      Comfortable – you can load your at self anytime and anywhere, no
         need to go to store to buy load.

2.      Savings – you can save up to 10-14% of your cell phone load   
        consumption with various products.

3.      Security – in case of loss of your phone or sim, your money in the
        Load Wallet is still safe in the Loadxtreme system.

4.      Accessibility – you can use other cell phone or sim to access
        your VMobile Loadxtreme account.

5.      All Access Prepaid – you can load almost all prepaid products (more
        than 300 and counting).

6.      Internet Based – you can load, reload, transfer load thru
         Loadxtreme website.

7.      One Loadwallet – that you can use for more than 300 prepaid
         products at anytime, anywhere.

Comparison between VMobile Loadxtreme and Traditional Loading


Traditional Loading: You need a minimum of P4,050 to become a retailer.

VMobile Loadxtreme:  You just need P250 plus P500 load to become a                                             
                                 retailer and just P3,988 to become a Dealer of all 
                                 prepaid products.

Traditional Loading: You need 3 cell phones and 3 special sim cards in  
                              order to sell Globe, Smart and Sun load.

VMobile Loadxtreme: You only need 1 cellphone and sim card in order to
                                sell almost all prepaid products.

Traditional Loading: You need 1 Load Wallet per network.

VMobile Laodxtreme: You only need 1 Load Wallet.




Dealer (Technoprenuer) to Dealer (Technoprenuer) transfer

Dealer (Technoprenuer) to Retailer transfer

BANKS: BDO, BPI, Metrobank and Unionbank

Electronic Transfer: GCash and Smart Money

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