Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Technopreneurship Gets a Boost with VMobile-LoadXtreme

If you search the Internet for the exact definition of the word ‘Technopreneurship,’ you would be surprised to find out that there is really no exact definition of it. Its meaning always depends on how one uses it in relation to the subject.
By using Merriam-Webster’s definition of Technopreneur as “an entrepreneur involved with high technology,” we can say that VMobile Technologies’ multitude of members are Technopreneurs themselves who are pioneers of LoadXtreme— a technopreneurship program designed to change people’s lives by empowering them with opportunities anchored on the use of modern technology.
Since 2004, LoadXtreme has made significant changes in how mobile commerce is conducted by transforming the nature of how traditional prepaid business is done. More importantly, it has changed so many lives by opening the highly profitable prepaid loading business to the masses.
Once again, LoadXtreme is on the forefront of change.
VMobile Technologies recently launched its new “service identity” by changing how its members are called. LoadXtreme Technopreneurs and TechnoUsers shall be known as Technopreneurs and TechnoUsers, respectively.
This new direction was inspired by the Company’s vision of strengthening the brand of LoadXtreme in the market. Known for being the pioneer in universal prepaid loading industry, LoadXtreme aims to further build its image by giving attention not just to its entrepreneur members, but to end-users as well. By focusing on these users, VMobile further aims to build numerous programs designed to reward members for their loyalty. Such is the idea behind the use of the coined term, ‘TechnoUsers.’
These changes shall embody VMobile’s unique qualities, as well as echo its advocacy in empowering individuals through proven and reliable technology.
New marketing materials bearing the new brand logos shall be released soon. For more information, please contact Customer Relations at +632 311-3000.

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