Thursday, February 9, 2012

VMobile TAP


You may either use any of the cards tagged under your technopreneur account to make the TAP program. 

TAP members will have to pay TechnoUser P300.00 and will be deducted P250.00 from the load wallet. 

Tap members will have instant P50.00 load wallet. The P250.00 is for registration and membership ID#. 

The Tap members can recruit again another set of members (max of 10 people) and so on... As technopreneur, you will earn P40.00 for each TAP member up to the 8th level and P20.00 each for the 9th and so on level. The registration command is: 

LX TAP ID#/PIK/TechnoUser Cellphone/Telco Code/Full name/Birth date/Address then send to your assigned gateway.

Please be reminded that a TechnoUser can invite up to a maximum of 10 TAP members. So as the TAP member, they can also invite a max. of 10 members.

Once the member is registered online, there's no need to do an SMS Command for TAP registration.

***  Refer to BUSINESS OPTIONS page for more details on TAP            

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