Friday, February 10, 2012

The LoadXtreme Menu (beta test version) is now available for download to your VMobile M-Power SIM. To download for free, text LXTM and send to 5986. Please note that P1.00 will be charged to your prepaid load for each menu transaction during the beta test period. This menu feature is available only to VMobile M-Power and selected Buddy SIMs only.

For more information, also visit the FAQ's page of this blogsite

Is it true that the VMobile M-Power SIM Card is already a menu based SIM?

There are many special and unique features of the VMobile M-Power SIM Card and this includes the availability of a special menu that can be used in sending commands to the LoadXtreme system. Other special features will also be made available soon. To download the menu, users must send the command LXTM to 5986.

I received an SMS broadcast that the VMobile M-Power SIM menu is available for download under Public Beta stage, what does this mean?

The availability of the VMobile SIM Menu will initially be made available under Public Beta to familiarize members on its use prior to actual launch.

Will the use of VMobile M-Power SIM Menu be free from SMS charges?

During the Public Beta stage, sending commands to LoadXtreme via the use of menu shall be charged P1.00. This SMS charge will be levied on top of a subscriber's regular load, which means that even if a user is subscribed to UNLI promos, a separate P1.00 charge will be deducted. Further announcements will be made once the special product menu is available.

How do I download the LoadXtreme menu to my VMobile M-Power SIM?
To download the menu, users must send the command LXTM to 5986. Normally, it would only take a few minutes for the download to be successful.

Will the menu be made available to all subscribers regardless of their telco subscription?

No. The VMobile M-Power SIM menu will be made available only to pre-selected Smart Buddy and VMobile M-Power SIM users only. Globe, TM, Sun, Talk N Text, Red Mobile, and postpaid subscribers will not be allowed to download the menu.

I have sent the LXTM command to 5986, but it seems there is no response, what should I do?

Downloading the menu takes quite some time due to the size and demand of the application. Once you have sent the command, do not send another to avoid delays. Please allow 1-2 hours before you decide to download the menu again.

I noticed that the menu does not have product selection features similar to a 'pull-down' menu wherein users can just select the product they want to order, why is this so?

This is because the menu was designed to enable users to freely indicate whichever prepaid products to order. Also, since LoadXtreme's list of products are updated regularly, it would be more difficult to always download the menu for every changes or additions made.

Are all prepaid products available for access in the menu?

Yes, all prepaid products available at LoadXtreme will be made accessible. The menu was designed without a 'pull-down' feature to enable users to freely indicate which products to order regardless of telco affinity.

How do I access the menu?

Under Smart Menu, select 'LoadXtreme' and select appropriate options you want to use.

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