Monday, February 6, 2012

VMobile Loadxtreme vs Traditional Loading.


·         Almost all people nowadays have cell phones and what do they have  in common? 
·         LOADS!!! So it means that they are our target market.
·         Don’t you know that loads are easier to spend on unlike other items?
         No need to sales talk, demo, testimony or explain things. When you    
         say LOAD!!!
·         Everybody knows it.
·         You can bring it anytime, anywhere to any place like office, school, house, store, etc. and for sure you can save more from it.
·         LOADS are people’s NECESSITY.
·         No expiration date, no monthly quotas, no physical inventories, non-territorial.


1.        Because we have almost all kinds of prepaid products that you can think, now you can have discounts and sell it if you like

·         Prepaid cell phone load: Globe and TM, Smart and TNT, Sun, Red Mobile
·         Prepaid internet load: Blast, ISP Bonanza, Aireborne Access, PLDT Vibe, etc.
·         Prepaid landline load: Bayantel, PLDT, Globelines, Dgmax, Digikard, etc.
·         Prepaid internet/broadband: Smart bro, Sun bro, etc.
·         Online games: Amped Games, Egames Online, Gameclub, Mobius Online, Softnyx Online, Garena, Level Up, High Street, Lineage II, Kapamilya Casual Games, etc.
·         Prepaid Satellite/Cable TV: ABS-CBN TFC, Sky Cable, Dream Satellite
·         Prepaid Tutorial/Review Cards: Carl Balita, Englishlink, Prime Logic, etc.
·         MRT Card: AXS MRT Card (reloadable up to 2,000 pesos) no hustle riding MRT

2.            No need for physical inventory because VMobile has a system that helps you do automatic inventory online so this website list all your transactions.

3.         With your existing cell phone and sim card, you can start right away for all your prepaid needs.

4.        VMobile is not cell phone and sim card dependent, it means you can
          use any cell phone and sim card to do this business. And your capital  
          is not in danger of losing it because your capital is not in your sim
          card, it is in your VMobile ID# with your own
          PIK (Personal Identification Key) or password.

5.      Very small capital to start and fast R.O.I (Return On Investment).

6.      Can be a means to have your extra income without sacrificing your
         current job.

7.      We have our own Data Center. This means that we are capable of
         making transactions faster and more efficient.

8.      We are very much willing to assist and help you in doing this business.

Advantages when you join VMOBILE LOADXTREME

1.      Comfortable – you can load your at self anytime and anywhere, no
         need to go to store to buy load.

2.      Savings – you can save up to 10-14% of your cell phone load   
        consumption with various products.

3.      Security – in case of loss of your phone or sim, your money in the
        Load Wallet is still safe in the Loadxtreme system.

4.      Accessibility – you can use other cell phone or sim to access
        your VMobile Loadxtreme account.

5.      All Access Prepaid – you can load almost all prepaid products (more
        than 300 and counting).

6.      Internet Based – you can load, reload, transfer load thru
         Loadxtreme website.

7.      One Loadwallet – that you can use for more than 300 prepaid
         products at anytime, anywhere.

Comparison between VMobile Loadxtreme and Traditional Loading


Traditional Loading: You need a minimum of P4,050 to become a retailer.

VMobile Loadxtreme:  You just need P250 plus P500 load to become a                                             
                                 retailer and just P3,988 to become a Dealer of all 
                                 prepaid products.

Traditional Loading: You need 3 cell phones and 3 special sim cards in  
                              order to sell Globe, Smart and Sun load.

VMobile Loadxtreme: You only need 1 cellphone and sim card in order to
                                sell almost all prepaid products.

Traditional Loading: You need 1 Load Wallet per network.

VMobile Laodxtreme: You only need 1 Load Wallet.




Dealer (Technoprenuer) to Dealer (Technoprenuer) transfer

Dealer (Technoprenuer) to Retailer transfer

BANKS: BDO, BPI, Metrobank and Unionbank

Electronic Transfer: GCash and Smart Money

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